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Marketing-infused video production that brings
purpose, quality and beauty to your communication.



Consulting & Strategy

It's easy to get excited about video! It's another thing to ask the strategic questions that help answer if video is what is needed for a business goal, and if so, what kind, how long, etc.


Lighting & Shooting

We help translate your business goal and visual story into the technical and artistic details required to craft a professional video that looks and sounds its best.


Storyboarding / Scripting

Tied closely to strategy, depending on what kind of video is being produced, it will require a storytelling arch and script that might look very different from the original concepts.


Sound editing & design

Sound is half of a video, and we ensure that viewers can hear every detail of an interview or on-location scene, including post-production sound design.



You have a sound idea, the technical resources to execute it, but need someone to bring all the pieces together for a cohesive production.


Aerial / Drone

Aerial drone imagery is a powerful ingredient in a video, and our Part 107 drone certification ensures we're safe and legal.


Robert Fusté

Owner – ParaShoot Media, LLC

With 20 years of experience at the intersection of design, technology and marketing, I’ve spent the first 15 years through the lens of web design & development, and the last 10 years also communicating through photography and video production. 

With an MBA marketing degree in hand, I quickly taught myself web design & development, enjoying the art of bringing together design and programming to produce website experiences that delight the end-user. I did so through my own small business, as well as leading a web team in a university’s marketing & public relations office.

What started as an off-the-clock enjoyment became a career transition to photography and then filmmaking. Once again, I enjoy combining the technical and artistic to help craft visual stories that matter.

A recent car accident that paralyzed me from the chest down is an ongoing invitation and challenge to maximize my ability as a paraplegic filmmaker, and the collaborative nature of video work means we still have the satisfaction of delivering you work of highest quality.

Becoming a certified drone pilot was a natural next skill to learn in order to offer aerial visual assets to clients.


Jeff Boyd

Audio engineer & frequent collaborator

Jeff provides contract audio expertise to most projects, helping with sound capture, editing, and design. He also provides grip help for all the equipment on-site or at a client's location, and shares a passion for purposeful storytelling and connecting the visual medium to strategic marketing goals.

The company we keep

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